Profesional Profile

Hello. I'm Zhou Sanfeng(周三疯), a Chinese blogger since 2006. Blogging on social media and NGO/NPO. I engage myself in NGO from 2005 to 2011. After that, I step into internet, from e-gov service to e-commerce.

In 2005, I joined ActionAid, a top ranked international NGO in worldwide. I spent 4 years and 10 months with farmers, children, teachers and grass roots government officials, to develop and conduct rural development programs to make better living condition for farmers.

In 2010, I joined Mercy Corps , another top ranked international NGO in worldwide. It took me to youth and children again. I'd been involved into Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake psychological rehabilitation for the children.

From November 2014 to Juyl 2017, I worked at Gyson Tech Inc, an e-commerce company, as the leader of social media unit.


Strong will and skillful on non-profit projects: Development, Implement, Monitor and Evaluation. Writing (in Chinese), Communication, Social media consultant for NGO/NPO.

Also have great judgment and insight on things such as internet, NGO/NPO porejects. Great skills on information searching, grouping and practise.

I built the Non-Profit Foundation Management Libary ( by Github Pages + Hexo(Open Source software).

Work Experience

Nov 2014 - Jul 2017

Social Manager

Gyson Tech Inc, Full-Time

Worked in this start-up company, charge on new brand as Social Manager in social media unit. Integrite persona , brand positioning and products' development, build the branding and communication strategy, found branding content matrix , delivering branding marketing from nothing.

Till now, searching results on brand's name get almost 810,000(with baidu, the number in Google up to 210,000) . The sales volume of social media unit grows from 0 to 300,000 a month.

Sept 2012 - Nov 2014

Editor and Program Manager

Chengdu Economical Information Center,

Provide professional E-gov consultancy service for municipal & county level departments in Chengdu City.

As program manager in Chengdu municipal open government platform for county and township. Coordinate the partnership between government branch, county, township and programmer/designers. Composing and explain the demands from clients who come from all government levels to programmer/designers.

Composing platform user-guide, delivering training for 20+ government department and 3,000 villages/community and county/townships. The Chengdu municipal open government platform win 'the best e-gov practice award of China'.

Apr 2012 - Jun 2012


Job:In the best web portal of Chengdu, be responsible for the UV/PV of the column, edit and integrate news ,pictures. Digging, searching news for the column, providing suggestions to promote the UE(user experience) of website.

Achievement:Provided UE suggestions , promote the PV up to 20%。

Jun 2010 - Dec 2011

Program Officer

Mercy Corps

Charge for the social psychology programs on rehabilitation of earthquake effected children. Conducting TOT 4 times during the lifetime of program, 200+ trainers were brought by the training, and 5000+ people including students, teachers were benefited in almost 100 activities, which mentored and supported by the team I was leading and charging.


  • Leading with general program operations and field-based activity; plus partner communications and relations.
  • Provide assistance in facilitating the smooth flow of program support operations: Help facilitate activities/meeting/training to all support staff to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted implementation of all programs;
  • Management in facilitating the adherence to administrative, IT, HR and logistics procedures and staff policies by support staff.
  • Leading in management with data including collection, process and analysis; Responsible for regular monitoring and evaluation for sound program progress;
  • Coordinate activities with all involved implementing agencies. Organize meetings with all partner organizations to ensure close cooperation and sharing of lessons learned.
  • Coordinate training plans with partner staff and facilitate the smooth flow of training operations; Follow through on program needs as required, such as procurement, meeting scheduling, and consultant finding, etc.

Nov 2008 - Jun 2010

Communication Officer

ActionAid China

Built internal and externa communication channel for ActionAid.

  • Internal: by using mail-list, internal forum , motivated promoted the communication between staff and senior management team.
  • External: Edit, issue official reports and publication, built official Chinese website, draw up the new media strategy of ActionAid China, maintain the PR via SNS and communicate with journalists largely. As the poineer in using facebook page as offical fans-base in NGO. The page:
  • Sept 2005 - Oct 2008

    Senior Assistant

    ActionAid China, Longzhou

    Longzhou is a remote county border Vietnam, as national poor county for decade. I was in charge for developing and conducting programs aiming fight poverty with local farmers. Base on the empower approach, I needed coordinate internal and external resource, conducting training and learning grants for community leaders , especially women, assist them on capacity building and community building.

    By managing 50+ community projects and regional programs, 100,000 were benefited directly and indirectly. 50+ community leaders emerge by capacity building grants, 20+ woman leader were developed in their community. Until now, they still play an important role in their community.

    Technical Skills

    Expert, 10 Years


    More than 10 years experience on writing and blogging. Check

    Advanced, 2 Years


    Branding, marketing with social media, since 2014.


    Yunnan Agricultural University

    Bachelor’s degree in Management, 2001-2005

    Specialized courses: PRA, Rural development, Economical management of Agriculture, Economics of Agriculture, Development Economics, Social Gender, Rural Sociology.

    MENTR, Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Monitor & Evaluation Certification, 2010

    Monitor & Evaluation Fundamentals online course, from MENTR (Monitoring & Evaluation Network of training online Resource, implemented by Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which funded by U.S. Agency for International Development[USAID])